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Healthcare Professionals Licensing

Health care is one of the most important sectors to have a license. While the rule of thumb is that you need a license to operate a medical facility, that is not the only healthcare professional who needs to be licensed. From pharmacists to medical technologists, healthcare professionals have to have unique skills that require licensing


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DHA healthcare licensing in Dubai


Are you looking for a professional healthcare licensing consultants who can help you get your license within a short period of time?





What We Do

Healthcare licensing and certification is a big and confusing maze for the healthcare professional (HCP) who is seeking to practice their chosen profession.

We offer unique healthcare professional license services for DHA, DOH & MOH across India, UAE, Qatar & Saudi.

Our healthcare professional license services will simplify the process of applying for the license and will ensure that you get the license in a matter of less than 2 weeks.

Exam Registration & Preparation

Our team isn’t just composed of experts and specialists — they are also dedicated to providing nothing but quality service and patient care. Apply Today

New License

Are you planning to relocate to UAE for better opportunities and wish to obtain your new healthcare professional license to practice?

Dataflow Verification

It is the first and most important stage of license processing; many of us don't comprehend the process, but our efforts are the best to understand.

Activate License

We are professional healthcare licensing consultants who can help you activate your license within a short period of time.

UAE licensing authorities for healthcare professionals

  • DHA
  • MOH
  • HAAD

Dubai Health Authority

Dubai Healthcare Authority sets the standards for healthcare regulation and monitors facilities, personnel, and the quality of services, equipment, and medicines. DHA is a pioneer in healthcare quality in the region.

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Ministry Of Health

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOH) is the ministry of the Government of the United Arab Emirates which is responsible for the implementation of health care policy in all areas of technical, material, and coordination with the Ministries of State, and cooperation with the private sector in health locally and internationally. 

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Department of Health

The Department of Health, Abu Dhabi is one of the key bodies that oversees the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which includes hospitals, health care centers and community clinics providing a range of services.

We are a DOH-approved healthcare management consultancy that offers DOH healthcare licensing assistance services with expert licensing consultants. We handle the entire license processing process, beginning with document preparation, dataflow verification, DOH approval, and exam booking.

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Get Assistance For DOH / HAAD License

GET PROFESSIONAL LICENSES IN Abudhabi - DOH Medical professionals wishing to practice in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in the UAE must obtain a License to Practice from the Abu Dhabi  Health Authority (DOH). 


How long will it take to complete the licensing process for healthcare professionals?

Once we have all of the documentation, the entire process can take 8-10 weeks. If more information is required, the process may take longer. Please keep in mind that Data Flow is an independent company, and verification can take up to three months. This is done independently of the regulatory body, and we have no say in the matter.

How long will my healthcare license be valid once I obtain it?

Every healthcare professional is required to renew their professional license on an annual basis.

What exactly is PSV in the UAE healthcare license process?

PSV (Primary Source Verification) is the process of verifying the educational background, training, experience, and other credentials of all healthcare practitioners seeking registration and licensing in the UAE's private and public healthcare sectors. Data Flow, a third-party organization, was used to perform PSV.

What exactly is a Good Standing Certificate (GSC)?

A Good Standing Certificate is a document issued by the Medical Council / Regulatory body that issued your previous healthcare license.